Three Ways that Online Name Registration for Your Business in Australia Can be Highly Beneficial

Online Name Registration for YOUR BUSINESS IN AUSTRALIA

You’re almost ready to share your business with the world, but there’s one thing left for you to do: register your business name. Registration is a must for companies Australia-wide unless they’re sole traders, trusts or partnerships that share a name with those of their owner(s). In all other cases, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission mandates that all companies register the name of their business in the ASIC database. However, some entrepreneurs are uncertain about how to write their business. You may have questions about the process yourself—but don’t worry. In the following paragraphs, we’ll explain precisely why registration can benefit your company and give you some tips for doing it quickly.

Online name registration is an easy way to register the name of your business without even leaving your home or office. When you register online, your chosen business name will enter an online database managed by the ASIC. Here, it will be viewable by anybody who visits the database, provided they enter relevant search criteria. In addition to being required for companies and many entrepreneurs, registration can be beneficial in several ways. Here are a few of the most straightforward ways in which companies benefit by registering their business names:

  1. Gain more trust from the public. Many consumers will not give a company their business without looking them up online first. Your business name in the official ASIC database lets everyone know that your company is an above-board operation and will encourage them to do business with you.
  2. Make it easy to contact you. Your business name isn’t the only information appearing when you register it with the ASIC. A contact number for your business entity will also be displayed, which can help people reach you. If your business does not yet have a well-established web presence, this can be a good way for customers, investors, or other potential stakeholders to contact you with opportunities.
  3. Benefit from a name that accurately describes your work. If you happen to be a sole trader, there’s nothing legal to stop you from naming the business after yourself. However, you may wish to use a name that provides more information about your products or services. For example, a toothpaste company named “Martin’s Toothpaste” is more likely to capture the attention of customers than one named “Martin Smith” (which doesn’t say anything about what the company offers).

The Strongest Choice for Simple and Effective Name Registration

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