Learn more about starting a business in Australia

What is the business name?

  • A business name is under which an entity (individual, partnership or company) conducts business in Australia.

Why do I need a business name?

  • If you wish to operate a business and are not trading under your name or a company name, you will require to register a business name.

Who can own a business name?

  • Individuals, partnerships and companies can register business names. All they will require is an ABN.

Your proposed business name?

  • Generally, we will be able to let you know immediately if the proposed business name can be registered to you via your Online application. If your proposed business name is available, you must select a preferred registration period:1 year or three years.

What are the costs involved? 

  • Once you search for your business name, you will be provided with our competitive pricing and discount when registering for three years.

How do I proceed?

  • To register your business name, you will need to Complete our Online application form, provide us with your credit card details, and liaise with ASIC to procure your Registration.
  • You should be able to prepare your application without any professional assistance. It will take you under 3 minutes to complete the application if you have all your information on hand.

  • Note: If ASIC rejects the names, you will have the option to choose a new name and resubmit at no extra cost.
  • Note: If you cannot access, or have difficulties with, the Online application, you can CONTACT US for assistance.
Saving and resuming your application?


  • After you have started your application, you can save it at specific points in the process and resume it as many times as you like before you submit it. You can access your incomplete application by logging into MEMBER LOGIN. We will store the information under an incomplete application. 

How long is the business name registration for?

  • Business names can be registered for either 1 or 3 years. We will notify you when your Registration is coming to an end.

How long does it take for the Registration to come through?

  • Once you submit your application, we will reserve your proposed name. ASIC takes 3-5 business days to approve your business name and send us your business name registration certificate. Once we receive it, we will email it to you. At times, ASIC has scheduled maintenance on their systems, extending their processing times.

Using your business name

  • You must not use the proposed business name until you get confirmation from us that ASIC has approved it and registered it.

Restricted terms

  • One of the things you'll learn when researching how to register your business is specific terms that you may not be allowed to include in your name. Examples of restricted times include "consumer," "trust," "GST," "trading as," "building society," and "incorporated." ASIC restricts these terms in business names, which does not mean you can't use them but rather that you must first apply for consent. In addition, for specific restricted terms, you may need permission from other places – for example, to use the word "university," you must obtain permission from the Minister for Education.
Do I need an ABN?

  • To register a business name in Australia, you require an active Australian Business Number (ABN).

  • Once you have your ABN, return to Top Business Name and register your business name.

What if I submit a business name and realise it's MISSPELLED after submitting?

ASIC does not allow changes to the registered business name once it is registered.

  • ASIC states, "If you want to trade under a new or different name or misspelled the name, you must register a new one."
  • If you want to trade under a new or different name? You would need to register the new name as well.

  • You don't need to do anything to cancel the name will automatically expire when you don't pay to renew it.

  • If you would like to register another Business Name,

    You can log in to register now.
Can more than one business name be registered under the same ABN?

  • You can register more than one business name under a particular ABN.

What will we send you once your business name is registered?


  • Once the business name is registered, we will email you a Record of the Registration certificate.
  • If you have not received it, please check your "spam"/"junk" folders, as these are automated emails and often end up in those folders. 
Have you received the email confirmation of your business name registration?


  • We have sent you a confirmation of your business name registration. If you have not received it, please check your "spam"/"junk" folders, as these are automated emails and often end up in those folders.
Will I be notified of my business name expiring?

  • ASIC will send you a renewal notice 30 days before the date that your business name is due for renewal.
    You will need to pay a renewal fee before the expiry of the registration period to remain its legal owner.

What happens if I don't renew?
No longer need your business name?

  • If you don't want to renew your registration, 
ASIC intends to cancel your Business Name...

  • If you wish to continue using the same business name, you must renew your registration immediately-Renew now.
  • You can renew your registration for a period of one or three years. If the business name registration expired more than one year ago – check the expiry date – your best option will be to complete a three-year renewal.
  • The renewal period will commence from the date the business name expires. For example, if your business name expired on 30 January 2020 and you complete a three-year renewal, it will be renewed until 30 January 2023.
Do I lose any of my remaining time of valid Registration? 


  • Don't let your business name expire; you can renew today without losing any of your existing validity periods - Renew now with Top Business Name. 
How to renew?

  • Click the 'GET STARTED' button to renew your name the Fast, Simple & Secure way. 
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