Own a Business in Australia? Trademark Registration Can Protect Your Name

Trademark name registration is a prudent move for any business. While registration of your business name, domain name, and other names you use can protect you from liability and help customers and business partners find you, it doesn’t give you exclusive rights to use it. Only a trademark can do that. So what is a trademark?

In short, it’s a legal protection that gives you the exclusive right to use whatever you’ve trademarked for ten years, preventing other businesses from using your name, your brand, your logo, and more. It can get complicated though. For instance, trademark registration in Australia splits goods and services into 45 different classes. Most businesses however only use one or two of these categories. Furthermore, you can trademark any tangible or perceptible aspect that identifies your brand as a distinct entity. That means everything from a smell to more normal requests such as your logo can be trademarked. It can be a lot to sort through but getting critical aspects of your business identity trademarked like this is a good idea despite the effort.

What You Gain with Trademark Registration in Australia

Trademark registration comes with a few significant benefits that keep your business identity safe. First, it declares that you are the sole owner of whatever you’ve trademarked. That means nobody else can use it and that -- if they do -- you’ll have legal recourse to right the situation.

There’s more to it than legal protection though. A trademark also gives you the advantage of separating your business from the herd. A unique and protected name makes you easier to recognise and more competitive. It helps customers identify your business and know that they’re getting the quality you promise.

How to Get Started Today

Before you get started, you’ll want to think deeply about what aspects of your brand are most important to your identity -- is it your logo? Your name? Maybe an image or word even. Then, you’ll need to figure out what class to register this entity under and how to fill out the application, so it’s more likely to be accepted. Top Business Name can help. With a dedicated and experienced staff, we can advise you on classes, the rules around trademarking in Australia, and how to fill out your application correctly. This is very important to get right because repeated rejections can get very costly quickly.

Top Business Name makes it easy to avoid massive fees, repeated applications, and long delays. As an Australian owned and operated company, we’re familiar with the legal and regulatory environment here and have stellar support staffs that are available via our helpline Monday through Friday. One of the most frustrating aspects of this kind of regulatory process if how often you deal with machines, outdated systems, and dense instructional forms. At Top Business Name, you’ll instead be able to speak with real people, better understand what’s expected of you, and get speedy answers to any questions you might have. Get in touch today to find out how trademarking can set your business apart.