Registering Your Domain Name is Crucial

Registering Your Domain Name is Crucial

Registering Your Domain Name is Crucial
A business name is an identifier for your business. Your employees, investors, and most of all, your customers, recognise your brand by your business name. With the online world playing a major role in purchase decision-making, it is no longer enough to have a registered business name to protect your business identity. There is a need to protect your online identity as well – with a registered domain name.

Registering Business Name Alone is Not Sufficient Protection
Sure, registering your business name gives your business an official identity. But, the law does not give you complete ownership of your business name when you register it.
Registration does not prevent other businesses from using your business name for commercial purposes. It would not be illegal for another business to use your business name for their website.
Registering your business name as a trademark gives you exclusive rights to your name offline. You need to register your domain name in addition to your business name, to preserve your business identity.

Benefits of Registering a Domain Name

  • Your business gets a website address – an online identity – when you register a domain name. A website can be a valuable marketing tool for your business.

  • Your business gets a unique identity online when you register a domain name. Your domain name will not be available to others once you register it.

  • You make it easier for your customers and other stakeholders to find you online when you register a domain name based on your business name.

  • A registered domain name identical to your business name helps deliver a consistent brand experience to your customers, online.

  • Registering a domain name makes your basic domain name details (excluding date of creation and expiry of your domain name; and telephone number, facsimile address or postal address, of the registrant) available to the public.

This record, available through the WHOIS service of government - recognised auDA regulatory body, adds to your business legitimacy, online. This service is available for the following domains:,,,,,, and
The domain name you choose for your business is equally important. It should be relevant to your business. Go for a short, easy-to-remember domain name.
A registered domain name is a valuable business asset. You can purchase a domain name on your own or have an Internet Service Provider (ISP) do the job for you. Take your business forward by registering your domain name.

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