Renew Your Business Name Registration Effortlessly Online


As a business owner, you probably know that at some point in the past, you had to register your company name with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). All companies in Australia need to hold a valid business name registration by law, and every so often, you need to renew that registration to keep it current.

If you fail to renew your name, a few things might happen. First, ASIC might start to cancel the business name. If this happens, you would have to stop using that name for your business, which is a situation that could become very costly. Second, if ASIC cancels the word, theoretically, it would be available for any other company to register. If you have any competitors who would love to get their hands on your business name, this would be the ideal time for them to strike. Please don’t give them a chance; make sure you renew your character quickly.

Fortunately, losing a business name isn’t very likely because ASIC will usually contact you well before the renewal date with a reminder. If you receive a reminder letter, it’s best to act immediately. Please don’t put it off until the last minute, as you may forget, or some other task may force you to forget.

Also, even if you forget and ASIC cancel the name, there’s no need to panic immediately. No one can ‘steal’ the title for six months after the cancellation date. You can renew the name by asking ASIC to restore it during that time.



There are a few ways to renew a business name registration, but the quickest and most effortless way is to do it online with a website such as Top Business Name. From the comfort of your home or office, this site instantly connects you to the ASIC database using an easy-to-use website experience. Just click on the link at the top of the page entitled ‘Renewal’, and you’ll see a page where you can pay for your renewal instantly.

If you renew before the expiry date, you won’t lose any of your existing validity periods. We encourage you to sort out your business name renewal beforehand so there’s no chance of forgetting.

How Long Does It Take, and Is the Website Secure?

From asking yourself, “How to renew my business name?” to when the transaction is completed, it can be as little as just a few minutes. Top Business Name is directly connected to the ASIC database, so as soon as your payment goes through, your name is secure for another year or three years (depending on which option you choose.)

The Top Business Name website is extremely safe and is designed to handle business name queries and transactions. Just check your browser next to the address bar, and you will see a green padlock confirming all security features are in place.

If you have any questions or queries about how to renew your business name, please get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to lend a helping hand.