Avoid Rejection of Your Business Name and Learn How to Register with Top Business Name

Choosing a business name is no easy task. What makes it even more complicated is the possibility that you could come up with the perfect name only to have it rejected when you attempt to register it. Fortunately, there are some things to keep in mind that can help you avoid business name rejection and help you secure the name you want for your venture.

Business name availability

If you find that the name you want is the same as (or very similar to) a name someone else has already registered, you’ll have no choice other than to choose a new name. You will not be allowed to register your business name if it is not available. It won’t matter if your name has a different meaning or how much sentimental value it has; if you apply for a name that isn’t available, ASIC will reject your application. Very few exceptions exist.

Restricted terms

One of the things you’ll learn when researching how to register your business is that there are certain terms that you may not be allowed to include in your name. Examples of restricted terms include “consumer,” “trust,” “GST,” and “incorporated.” ASIC restricts these terms in business names, which does not mean you can’t use them but rather that you must first apply for consent. For certain restricted terms, you may need consent from other places – for example, to use the word “university,” you must obtain consent from the Minister for Education.

Undesirable business names

If your name is deemed undesirable, you will not be allowed to use it, such as if the name you choose is potentially offensive or misleading. Avoiding rejection due to an undesirable business name is a simple matter; just use a bit of common sense when selecting a name and steer clear of anything that might offend members of the public and names that suggest something that isn’t true. Again, also make sure you obtain the necessary consent if you aren’t sure.

Issues with formatting

When you register your business name, keep in mind that certain formatting issues may cause problems. One common formatting issue is the use of the term “trading as” in a business name. “Trading as” is assumed, so if, for example, you are trading as Sydney Computer Repair, the “trading as” is assumed and you should use simply “Sydney Computer Repair” as your business name. You also don’t need to register your business name if it’s your personal legal name. Also, while you may use hyphens in your business name, you must avoid the use of certain invalid characters.

How to Register Your Business Name

The above are a few tips to help you avoid rejection and get your business name registered quickly and easily. To search the register and register or renew your business name, visit Top Business Name. We offer excellent value, weekend support, and a simple and fast way to complete your national business name registration and move on to more important tasks – such as running your business.