How to Choose and Apply for a Business Name


When starting a business, the first thing you'll need to do – even before registering as a company – is learn more about issues such as the financial and legal responsibilities of running a business. You'll need to understand your liability, duties, and tax obligations. There's lots of information available on these topics with a simple search, and these things are essential to know so that you can fulfil the legal requirements of running a business.

Choosing a business name

One of the things you can do when starting your business is to select and register a business name. When you apply for a business name, you may use your ACN or choose a unique name. Your business name will include your company's legal status. For example, if your company is proprietary, you must use "Pty" or "Proprietary" in your business name. There are some exceptions, so understand these rules before you choose and apply for your business name.

Business name restrictions

If you're wondering how to apply for a business name, be aware that you must pick a name that another company has not already registered. You'll need special approval if you want to use certain words in your business name, so check these guidelines. You will also need to register your business name if you plan to conduct business under a different name than your registered business name. Remember that your business name will not protect your brand or intellectual property, so it's essential to learn what differentiates a business name from a trademark before deciding the right option.

How to apply for a business name with a  Top Business Name

Registering your business name is easy and fast with a Top Business Name. We provide business name registration services for new start-ups, including trusts, partnerships, joint ventures, sole traders, and existing companies that already have an ABN (Australian Business Number).

You may need an ACN (Australian Company Number), a nine-digit number assigned to each business in Australia by ASIC. Suppose your business is operating as a company. In that case, you must have an ACN and include specific documents such as invoices, receipts, material orders, promotional ads, and company letterheads. Your ACN will also be part of your ABN.

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