How Domain Name Registration Protects Australian Businesses

So, you've just started a new business. There are a million things to keep track of, lots to learn, and tonnes of ways for things to go sour. Making sure you have everything to start operating as a legitimate Australian business is a messy process, and several steps are easy to overlook. In particular, when thinking about naming your business and making sure your customers can find you, it can be easy to forget about the role your web presence plays in reputation, marketing, and more. Protecting your reputation is crucial to doing good business, so it’s essential to register any and all names you’re using to conduct business, including the domain names of sites you operate or want to reserve.

Many don’t even realize that registering your business name by itself only protects your identity offline. When it comes to maintaining control of your online commercial identity, you also need to obtain domain registration for your Australian business. Without domain registration, you run the risk of competitors or others creating a website that uses your name. This is obviously the most significant risk involved, but there are a few other good reasons to register your domain name as well.

Why Domain Name Registration in Australia Puts You Ahead

One reason to register your domain name is to make it easier for customers to find you online. It’s no longer acceptable for a business to be brick-and-mortar only. In today’s highly-digitized world, if customers can’t see you online you might as well not exist. When you register a domain name, you’ll have a website address to use for marketing, online sales, or spreading information about your business and what you do. In fact, many consumers today don’t trust businesses that don’t have an online presence where they can check on crucial facts or find out more about your company.

Registration also makes your contact information available to the public through the international WHOIS service, making it easy for stakeholders to find you, adding legitimacy to your presence, and making it clear who owns and operates your venture.

Domain Name Registration Tips

One thing that makes finding a good domain name tricky is that a sort of market has developed around trading and speculating on domains, so many are owned without being in use and can come with exorbitant prices. A simple way to cut through the nonsense is to use the Top Business Names database. Just enter the domain you’d like to register, and the system will check the availability and price of that and related names to find the best one for your business.

While it’s okay to be a little creative here, especially for finding lower prices, there are a few rules you should follow. You want the name you pick to be very close to your offline name, so it reinforces your branding and is easily identifiable. You’ll also want to pick something short and memorable, so potential customers don’t forget how to find you online. Beyond that, have fun with it and make it your own!