Why Register Your Business Name in Australia, and How to Do It Easily


Running your own business can be thrilling and highly profitable, not to mention flexible and deeply rewarding. However, before you can begin to enjoy the many benefits of having your own company, there are several things you'll need to do. One of the essential tasks will be to name your business—but you can't stop there. You'll also have to ensure that the name of your business is correctly registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Writing the name of your business with the ASIC can provide value to your business in the following ways:

  1. When your business is registered with the ASIC, it will become searchable in their database. Registration lets your customers know you are a legitimate company and gives you credibility. Many people associate registered business names with increased trustworthiness.
  2. Having a registered business name makes it easier for people to contact your company. When a user searches the register, they will find information on how to reach your business. As a result, you may experience greater interest in your company from clients, investors, and potential partners.
  3. Registering your business allows you more creative control over your branding. You do not have to register if you are a sole trader, trust, or partnership using your name and your partner's first and surname. However, in all other cases, registration is required. For example, you would not need to register your business if your name was Bob Loblaw and you merely wanted to call the company "Bob Loblaw." If, on the other hand, you tried to open a Law practice called "Bob Loblaw Law," you would be required to register this name with the ASIC.

Choosing from the Available Australian  Business Register Options

There are several different ways to register a business name in Australia. Still, choosing a method that allows you to register your business name as quickly as possible is usually a good idea. One such way is by registering with Top Business Name. Our company uses a system connected directly to ASIC, which allows clients to write their names in just a few instances. With our user-friendly online tool, users can easily find out if their name is available and then move through the registration process without unnecessary delays. Our agency also provides immediate proof of registration through an official email certificate.

Registering your business name is hugely beneficial, and for most companies, it's necessary. Choosing the right way to register your business can save you time and provide you with the peace of mind you need to succeed in your goals. For one of Australia's most streamlined business name registration solutions, contact Top Business Name as soon as possible. One of our highly qualified representatives will be thrilled to provide you with more information on registering your business name in Australia today.