Choosing an Approved Business Name in Australia and Where to Check Australian Business Name Availability

Choosing a name for your new business is exciting, but it can also be a challenge. You must select a name that accurately and positively represents your brand as well as one that is unused by other companies and doesn’t include any restricted elements. It’s also essential to find a name that’s unique, creative, and relevant to your brand.

If you want to maximise the odds that ASIC will accept your business name, make sure to perform an Australian business name check to determine that the name is not already registered. You may not register a name that is the same as another registered business name. You also may not include restricted or offensive terms, such as those that imply something that isn’t true or those that might offend members of the public. At Top Business Name, we’ll help you ensure that your name meets these criteria by checking the Australian business name availability and making sure that the name you want meets the requirements. Here are some of the things to look out for when coming up with your perfect business name.

Undesirable or restricted terms

ASIC will not allow you to use offensive words or phrases, or those that suggest illegal activity. You also may not use terms that suggest a connection that doesn’t exist with an entity, such as a governing body or university. To use certain restricted terms such as “trust,” “university,” or “building society,” you will have to obtain consent, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Names that are too similar to existing names

If your business name is identical or too similar to a business name that’s already registered, you may run into problems. That’s because this can cause your name to be confused with the other business or infringe on the legal rights of the other business owner. Real-time checking is one of the ways we can help at Top Business Name. We’ll review your request and check business name availability in Australia to help ensure you have picked out a unique name that won’t conflict with others.

Invalid characters

You may use all numbers and letters as well as a wide range of special characters in your business name. However, ASIC does restrict certain characters, such as accented characters. Keep in mind that your business name will be registered using only uppercase letters and numbers; lowercase letters and accents are all removed.

Reserving a business name in Australia

Another option you have is reserving a business name. You may choose to do this if you wish to retain the rights to a business name but still need time to gather the necessary documentation to officially register the business. You may reserve a business name for up to two months.

At Top Business Name, we can help with business name availability checks, registration, and renewal. Searching our database is fast and easy, and we provide the excellent service and value you deserve. Contact us today to see how we can help you get your business started.