How to Check with ASIC For Business Name Availability, Registration or Renewal


If you have an excellent idea for a business name, then time is of the essence. You should register your new name with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) as soon as possible so that no one else can jump in and steal your idea. But how can you do that quickly and easily? To do this, go to Top Business Name

Unless you’re renewing an existing name, the process of finding out if your name idea is available is straightforward. With the advantages of the Internet, you can interface directly with the ASIC database to find out in seconds if your name is available. To do this, go to Top Business Name and enter the name you want into the search box. It’s that simple. If your name is already in use, try subtle variations to see if there’s something similar. Don’t just give up on the first try.

Once you’ve hit upon a suitable name that’s available, registering your name officially is a simple process. At Top Business Name, we strive to register new applications in minutes, and our support team is available even on weekends to help you with any tricky questions. Upon registration, we’ll send you an official certificate to prove you can use your new name for trading. With the option to register for one year or three years, the registration plans are flexible and affordable, too.

Already Have Your Name? Use Top Business Name for your ASIC Business Name Renewal

Suppose you’ve already used our service to perform your ASIC business name registration in the past. In that case, you’ll probably know that when renewal time comes around, you can use our website to process your renewal quickly. You can do this in minutes with minimal fuss or disruption to your day.

Just go to the website and log in with the credentials you created when registering your name, and we’ll take you to your control panel, where you can choose to extend your name for a further one year or three years. After payment, that’s it—all done until next time.

If you bought your domain name through a different agency, that’s not a problem. Top Business Name has a stress-free process that enables you to renew your business name without jumping through hoops. The process is just like registering for a new name; we can guide you through it if necessary.

Top Business Name is There to Help When You Need Us

We have everything you need on our easy-to-use website if you need to check ASIC Business name availability or want to register or renew a name. Everything is tied directly into the ASIC database, meaning there’s no delay in processing your application. If you need to speak to us for any reason, we have staff standing by to reply to your email.

If you have a question, someone may have asked it before. Why not check our FAQ section to save valuable time? We have listed the answers to many questions that people typically ask us, such as how to save an application and resume it later.