Similar Company Name Disputes and Where to Search and Apply for an Australian Business Name


What happens when two companies end up with similar business names and a dispute arises? It can be a severe problem as business names are valued assets representing the company’s brand and reputation. That means that business owners may naturally be concerned about the potential for confusion or reputation damage when another company shares a name similar to theirs.

When a company applies for an Australian business name, they are not legally allowed to register a name identical to another business name already registered. However, they may be entitled to write a similar name, which can cause problems. Remember that registering your business name is different from obtaining a trademark. If you want to prevent other companies from using similar words to yours, you may need to write a brand or consider taking private legal action.

What You Can Do

First, avoid registering a business name that is too similar to one already written. You can perform an Australian business name search at Top Business Name and look for similar versions of the name you want to use and identical names to ensure you aren’t wasting your time (as identical names will not be accepted).

If you find that another company is using a name that’s similar to your registered business name, there are some different steps you can take to resolve the dispute. Legal action may be required. You may have legal recourse if a company’s use of a similar name confuses customers or infringes on your right to use the word. You can also report to ASIC if you believe another company is intentionally misleading customers, such as by inaccurately implying that they are related to your business. If you aren’t sure, you can start by performing a search at Top Business Name and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Apply for an Australian Business Name at  Top Business Name

Disputes about similar business names can be frustrating, but Top Business Name is here to help. You can often avoid this issue in the first place by searching our database and registering your business name nationally at Top Business Name. If you find yourself in a dispute over a business name, the resolution may require legal assistance, which can be costly and time-consuming. We want to help you avoid this problem with our easy search and quality service.

We provide business name registration and renewal and prioritise providing outstanding value for your money. We also offer weekend support because we understand your schedule can be hectic as a new business owner. Our website is designed to be straightforward so you can find what you need quickly. Let Top Business Name assist you with your business name registration today.