Try to Choose a Concise Name when you Apply for a Business Name in NSW, Victoria, or QLD

Have you ever looked at a company name and wondered why so many are short concise names? Well, there are many reasons for that, many of which make perfect business sense.

First, you don’t want a name that’s difficult to remember. Many companies need to advertise their services using a variety of different media streams, and a long name won’t stick in the mind of customers. You need something short and catchy to do that. Second, when you’re designing fresh marketing material, it’s a lot more challenging to incorporate a long-drawn-out name into artwork. Think about it you're likely to change your style and corporate identity many times, so why choose a long and unwieldy name that’s difficult to use on artwork and websites?

These are just two of the reasons why many successful companies use short names that people can easily remember. Take Google and Amazon as prime examples—easy to remember, and easy to use on websites, adverts, and signage.

How should you go about choosing your business name? Well—first off, what does your company do? If you sell widgets, why not just call your company “Widgets”? There’s no need to expand any further on that unless you want to add a little bit of flair. “Widget City,” perhaps. Don’t go for something any longer unless you really must.

So, you’ve chosen your name—now what must you do to make it official?

Apply for a Business Name in NSW, Victoria or QLD with Top Business Name

Making your new business name is easier than you might think. Long gone are the days where you must visit an office in the city and file your name in triplicate. These days, you can do everything quickly and simply online. Just go to Top Business Name and enter your desired company name into the search box. The website will tell you instantly if the name you’ve chosen is available or not. If not, you must think of something else, as every business name in Australia must be unique. If your name is available, then there’s only a couple of steps involved before your name is official.

When you apply for a business name in Victoria, NSW or QLD, all business names must have the approval of ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). Whatever name you choose, ASIC will need to review it. This review ensures the name isn’t offensive in any way or doesn’t include any illegal characters. If you have chosen a name that is then rejected by ASIC, you will be allowed to select another name free of charge.

All you Need are a Few More Details

Once you’ve submitted your chosen name, you just need to decide if you want a one year or a three-year registration. The three-year deal saves you money, so it’s advisable to go for that. When you apply for a business name in QLD, Victoria or NSW, you’ll also need to supply your ABN (Australian Business Number), which you should already have. We’ll let you know quickly when your name is registered and legal, and email you a certificate.

If you have any questions or queries, just email us, and we’ll reply in a flash. We’re even open on weekends. Good luck with your new business venture.